An important, but often overlooked way of taking care of your loved ones is through estate planning. This is an area where The Law Office of Brian Frey, PLLC can help you plan for the future. We will meet with you and develop a comprehensive plan that is unique to your needs. Our services include planning and drafting documents such as wills, trusts, patient advocate designations (medical powers of attorney), and financial powers of attorney. Estate planning is a very personal process, therefore, we take the time to talk to you and make sure you have everything in order. This involves a careful analysis and discussion with you about your options. Ultimately, the goal of the Law Office of Brian Frey, PLLC is to develop a plan for you that will distribute your assets the way that you wish while minimizing the time it will take and the money it will cost your heirs.

Estate planning is a good idea for everyone, regardless of your age or financial status. The first step is to examine your situation and decide if you need a simple will or to form a trust to protect your assets. These will make sure your assets are distributed the way that you want. Next it is important to plan if you are incapacitated by either injury or age. A Financial Powers of Attorney document will give authority to someone you trust to pay your bills while you are unable. Also, it is important to have a Patient Advocate Designation so if you end up in the hospital and unable to make a healthcare decision a trusted agent will be able to carry out your instructions. Make sure your wishes are followed by having us tailor an estate plan for you today.

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